Are you a parent of baby, toddler, teen, furbaby or anyone who acts like a baby? If so, you’ve found your village.

As a single mama just living day-to-day through a global pandemic, I know what it’s like to feel alone. I mean, after a day of work, cleaning the house, making sure my littles are fed and watered, a simple glass of spilled milk can bring me to tears.

Sometimes I turn to social media to find comfort at the end of the day and end up feeling worse. As I’m looking through photos of children in clean, neatly pressed clothing, smiling away, I ask myself, why does everyone else seem to have it all together? And, then I realized, they don’t. They struggle just like I do, but we don’t necessarily see that part of life on their feeds, do we?

Then it occurred to me, what would happen if we let it all hang out? So in an effort to keep us connected with our family who we weren’t able to see during the pandemic, I started posting the good, bad and ugly and something glorious happened – this stuff made people laugh, respond and relate to us more. I would get tons of dm’s (direct messages) from people who could relate. I heard similar stories, was told that I made someone’s day more than once for being candid and was reminded that blunt honesty always ran in my family (thanks, Dad).

In the end, this authentic way of communicating on social media took me away from the woes of the world for a moment and helped me form my own virtual village that relates to what we are going through right now, in this upside-down world.

And, more importantly, it added a smile or laugh to someone’s day. And that’s all we can hope for right now.

In the meantime, I hope you stay connected by checking in here, following me on social media and signing up for our VIP mailing list where you’ll be the first to know about what I have in store.

Thanks for listening and keep sharing, it keeps us mamas going!

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