Learn how our products help people and the planet

When I created bebe milestones, I thought a lot about its impact on our world. I wanted to make people feel good and help them celebrate special moments. Additionally, I wanted my products to foster connection among parents and normalize all parts of parenting: the good, bad and ugly!

As a nice-to have “luxury” gift item and not a necessity, I also needed them to be kid-safe, environmentally conscience, and help those in need. 

Luckily I found a printing partner who also prioritizes these same things and helped me produce beautiful products that ticked all these boxes. 

MCRL Group operates with the highest standards in safety, particularly with children’s products. They are a trusted supplier for books and toys for Disney and Walmart, and have rigorous safety standards in place. 

They also believe in producing products with the least environmental impact possible, and accomplish this through their Trees for the Future partnership and commitment to planting 10,000 trees annually. 

Read more about Trees for the Future –  an incredible organization committed to training communities on sustainable land use to grow vibrant economies, thriving food systems and a healthier planet. 

Additionally, I wanted to help families in our own communities with issues such as food scarcity, unaffordable housing, domestic violence and mental health support. That’s why I’ve committed a portion of each sale of my “Real Firsts” milestone cards to helping children and parents in need. So thank you, for helping me help others! 



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