People are taking more baby photos than ever before, but they’re not printing them out and putting them in albums to document baby’s first moments. 

Here’s why: Big, bulky photo albums can be expensive and take up a lot of space, and for those who are into minimalist lifestyles or don’t have much living space, that doesn’t seem to fly.

If you have developed your photos over the past 20 years, are they running around loose, spilling out of your desk drawers? Join the digital age by exploring these alternatives:

Photo books are a great alternative to photo albums and mean no more stragglers. Simply select photos from your computer or phone and start creating personalized books by uploading them online. Shutterfly, Costco, and VistaPrint, are a few places to create professional-looking photo albums for new baby.   

Photo frames can also be a great way to display your photos. Your friends and family are even able to upload digital photos to add to your collection. Check out Nixplay or Aura Frames. All you need is a power source and some wifi and you and your loved ones can be on an endless loop in your living room.

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat make it easy to share your photos with friends and family. Don’t forget to use hashtags to index public photos such as #bebemilestones – and if you need some help organizing your thoughts or content, check out Real Firsts – our edgy new photo-sharing product for the modern parent.

Printed photos tend to fade, rip, or get misplaced over time. Consider scanning your relics and organizing them into a digital collection. Apple and Google are always coming up with ways to help you better organize your digital photos, sorted by month, year, place and even using facial recognition. Although promising to be always free, last year Google started charging for Cloud Storage, but it still remains a relatively inexpensive option. However, you may want to check out this article before signing on.

Welcome to the digital age, new parents!

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